The Strength of Our Economy

The tax relief budget, signed by President Bush in 2001, to become a law, has proven to be very beneficial to our US economy. Recently, I read an article published in 2003 at www.gop.com which talks about thousands of dollars being given back to tax payers in America. Today, people in America have more money to spend, invest, and even save than we did in the past. Perhaps there are too many people putting to much emphases on the defecate as a nation. According to the Department of Treasure, "Without the fiscal measures implemented under President Bush, there would be as many as 2 million fewer jobs for America workers today". Within a four month period 328,000 of those jobs were created. Today, the US economy has the strongest growth rate in almost 20 years.

The article continues on about how we as a nation are experiencing free trade with Chile and Singapore, etc. Looking at the above advance, perhaps we are on our way to continue our strong economy rate in America.


heather said...

However biased an article from gop.com might be about the strength of our economy, it is refreshing to see some numbers on what good the President's economic policies have done for our nation.

Dr. Tufte said...

-2 on Jim's post for multiple spelling errors.

I'd be dubious about any analysis of Bush's policies that you get off of a GOP site (and this is coming from someone who generally approves of Bush).

Unfortunately for the GOP on this issue, the literature and research that justifies tax cuts is more about the benefits of cutting government spending (and taxes along with it). But that isn't what the Bush administration and Congress have done. They have increased government spending (fairly seriously). There are arguments both for and against that, but the Republicans have lined up with the economists who say that is a bad thing. So, there is some cognitive dissonance there (and if you don't know what that is, it is a great concept for any college student to pick up).