Is China Really Taking Away Jobs in the U.S.?

One of the biggest topics among politicians is the fact that the United States is losing jobs overseas, especially in China. According to the article "US textile makers raise alarm over Chinese import surge" China is exporting more than ever before. If the history of China follows, China will grow until it monopolizes the nation in textile exports. Official data released Friday showed China accounted for 35 percent of US textile imports in January and 22 percent of apparel imports. They said that some products such as cotton trousers saw import increases of as much as 1,000 percent in January compared with the same period a year ago. If the government doesn't intervene to save Americas textile industry, many jobs will be lost. Of course it is good for businesses that import because costs will be lower and they will ultimately be able to offer lower prices to the consumer. Is this worth losing jobs? Free trade supporters believe that it is necessary for global competition, and in the long run will be more beneficial. Should the government try to regulate imports from China?


Dr. Tufte said...

Let me phrase that question in a different way.

Suppose the government did do something to preserve American textile jobs. Those jobs would need to be filled with poorly educated people who don't mind repetitive work for low pay with little hope for advancement. What sort of educational policy would you recommend to make that work? Would anyone vote for that? Of course not - it's crazy on the face of it, but you need to carry through arguments in economics to make sure that bizarre ideas like this are not the end.

To be more specific about textiles, we employ less people in textiles than ever before. Further, textile production has been a declining business in the U.S. for decades. Yet, America has grown richer and better off over that time. It's actually more plausible to suggest that our government should actively discourage textile production than it is to preserve it.

Nick said...

If China can produce at a lower cost then let them have the jobs. America will have to find some other industry.

Chuck said...

I agree with the doctor and Nick. If the Chinese want to be the world leader in textiles, let it be. Let's try to make sure the United States has the world's most intellegent, smart, and business wise people, we'll take care of other business. Yet I'm glad someone wants to make plates and bowls, seriously!

Ralph said...

Let china have the manual labor, they still need managers. That is where America steps in; I have several friends in the orient that are successful managers. China is becoming more westernized everyday and willing to bring in American management. The real question should be “is china taking away “desirable” jobs from the U.S.?” The answer is not really, I would consider working there. And I'm glad someone wants to make “woven cloth” seriously!

Diane said...

It is in our best interest to outsource jobs. We want China's economy to be strong. We live in a global world. A stong Chinese economy will benefit world trade.

mushroom club said...

America has not grown richer and better off over that time is as in the 50s and 60s the median family could aford two newer cars a nice home 2.5 children on a single wage earners salary who had no more then a bachalor degree and often could be done with nothing more then a high school degree

now day any median family single wave of 2.5 kids can seldom suport two newer cars and with out a bacahors or techincal degree and defintly not with a high school degree

as with only a high school degree you most likely only going to get a minimum wage job as most good paying unskiled jobs have dryed up in the USA as as most good paying jobs that hired unskilled persons in the past are no longer avalable due to the cost of training as most jobs has goten much more technical(just look under the hood of your car)

also we have to see the simple fact we have a percentage of lower IQ people who do not mind repetitive work as they do not have the talent to aspire much higher what do we do with them as we erode there jobs export them to china to work in a sweat shop they dont want them as they got plenty of kids to do the work in a factory with out envirometal controls which is why free trade fails

A smart trade policy for the USA would be add tarifs to country who do have the same level of child and employes protection, and also and enviromental laws as the usa
as the corprate world seldom has a soul and often cares little on any mater but profit and liability

one thing also to rember in the USA 25%-35% of the textile jobs are not that low paying as there also managment, quality control, purchacing,sales and techinal.
As US textile mills are often very technical