Should Any Nation Have Nuke Weapons?

During the Cold War, all over the U.S., a fear spread from east to west. Although this war is now over, this fear of nuclear weapons hasn't left the American people. In fact, according to the article, "Poll: No Nation Should Have Nuke Weapons," most Americans think that it is likely we will be attacked by terrorists or a nation with nukes within the next five years. It's interesting to note that two-thirds of Americans say that no nation should be allowed to have nuclear weapons, including the U.S.. I wonder if most of the people who were part of this survey were recently scared into beleiving this by the media. Would everyone be so scared if the media didn't poke it's nose into everything? Yes, it's nice to know that nukes do exists but does everyone need to know all that we know about everything. It certainly gets our attention. But isn't that what the media is going for? That is how they stay in business. The more extreme the news, the more attention they draw to themselves.


Jones said...

Sure the news tries to keep our attention, that's is how each station attracts it's viewers. Thats what makes us choose one station over the next. Whoever has the best attention grabber gets the majority of the viewing public. It is up to us to weed through was is pure fact and what is the exaggerated truth. We need to take the time and educate ourselves through other sources before we just go and believe every word the news stations say.

sandy said...

In response to the title of the post: no nation should have nuclear weapons. As soon as one nation has a nuke, then my answer changes, and there is possible need for other nations to have nukes for defense. If no nation has a nuke, there is no need for anyone else to have a nuke. I feel I might be wrong, but is this an example of a tragedy of the commons?

Dr. Tufte said...

What does this have to do with ManEc?

BTW: Sandy's first two sentences correspond to an idea from Chapter 10 about how to make decisions in a multi-stage game.