How is America going to stay on top?

An article entitled "Getting America's Groove Back", http://biz.yahoo.com/bizwk/050330/tc200503292357_tc200.html?.v=4, discusess what America needs to do to continue being a cultural and economic force. The article suggests that the "three I's" are the solution. The "three I's" are immigration, immunization, and inspiration.
Immigration refers to reforming immigration laws. People from other countries have a lot to offer both culturally and economically. Who knows what innovations that US could produce if people from other countries had a chance to offer their skills. Immunization refers to taking care of the current US population. The article suggests that the government needs to provide more pre and post-natel care. Inspiration refers to inspiring the american people to be innovative and rewarding them for thier innovation. The article's suggestions are interesting. I wonder if this philosophy combined with other solutions would keep America a cultural and economic force.

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Dr. Tufte said...

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This all seems pretty reasonable to me - especially the part about immunization - but I wonder what is has to do with ManEc?