New Market for Pets

Since the attacks of September 11, many business and vacation travelers have opted to drive rather than fly and to take their pets with them. Therefore many motels are offering Pampered Pooches and Finicky Felines programs that provide special food, grooming, bedding, wellness and massage services as well as veterinarians on call.

Pet friendly policies, as well as, extra comfortable beds, and high speed internet access have become more common tactics in the hotel marketing wars that are taking place. Do you think this new Pet Friendly market that is emerging will be successful?


Lana said...

This seems like the perfect solution for those little old ladies that don't want to leave thier dog with the neighbor. But I hope they let us choose whether we want a "pet-room" versus a "non-pet-room", as they do with smoking and non-smoking rooms. I'm not too big on dog hair all over my clothes!

Dr. Tufte said...

Umm ... what about 30-something dinks who had two dogs before they had two kids (or I am giving away too much personal information here).

I am sure there is a market in this. Again though, there isn't a lot of way to keep free entry from driving this to a zero profits position.

I'm also not sure that this has much to do with 9/11. This started in the mid-90s after some high profile lawsuits filed after pets died in Atlanta and Cincinnatti when their planes were delayed on the tarmac during the summer.

For the curious, it was more economical to take the dogs with you if your trip was 4 days or longer - so we always took ours to visit our parents, but not on vacation.

kimrennin said...

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