Detroit is Losing

In the article "Detroit losing auto race to Japan" it talks about how our American cars (GM, Chrysler, Ford) at one point has 76% of the automotive market and now they have fallen to 60% and it has been taken over by Japanese cars. This is all basic economics; the more competitive cars are starting to take control of the market. I don't think that Japan will ever completely dominate the market. There are to many that love the American brands, and will never own a car that isn't that brand.


Harry said...

I would have to agree to a point about being true to the American cars. But, also you have to look at what is going to be a better deal for you as an individual. What car is going to last longer. When thinking about it that way, I personally have gone with a Toyota a foreign made car. I feel that they are more dependable.

Eric said...

When I am shopping for a car I know quality and re-sale value are high on my list, so of course I tend to lean toward Japanese made vehicles. If Detroit wants to sale more cars I say they focus more on quality and in the end sales will come.

Dr. Tufte said...

Auto making is starting to look like an industry that America is growing out of. Certainly we don't seem to have a comparative advantage in this. I don't see this as working out any better for Japanese manufacturers either ... they're just a decade or two behind Detroit, with S. Korea and others lining up to knock them down.