Are you for sell?

In the article, Rent this space: Bodies double as billboards, there is a supply and demand issue happing in the advertising industry. Advertising takes originality and what is more original and creative than paying people to use their bodies to sell a product. This type of advertising grabs people’s attention in both areas of supply and demand. Businesses like the supply aspect of it because potentially millions of people will see the business logo on a persons head and other body parts and it will not even cost as much as putting up a billboard. On the demand side many people thinks its great to get paid for something as simple as putting a logo on there body. They believe if people are going to look at them they might as well get paid for it. The negotiations for “price and parts” are happening on eBay. Are you up for sell?


heather said...

I saw a guy on Letterman who had sold about all of his visible body space on Ebay. When he first started out he was getting around $500 for about 5 square inches on the forearm, but was now fetching upwards of $2000. He seemed to think he was pretty brilliant. Nothing surprises me anymore.

Dr. Tufte said...

-2 on Emily's post for multiple spelling errors.

What interests me about this is why no one did it before. People have been getting tattoos that associate them with a group for centuries - and doing it for free. Perhaps in the past we didn't look at each other as much (this isn't as crazy as it sounds, if you think about cultural taboos about eye contact and staring).

Luise said...

My question is what happens when the advertisements these people put on their bodies go out of business or are no longer available?
The article stated that “The advertiser is getting damaged goods because people who sell body parts for ad space are entirely too freakish by definition to transmit a positive message for the advertising.” It’s hard to imagine Procter and Gamble or Johnson and Johnson using tattooing as an advertising strategy.
Can any of us really see any major company using this type of advertising to increase their sales? I’m not going to run out and buy a new kind of toothpaste because I see it tattooed on someone’s forehead. I predict this fade will go and fast as it came.