What a Difference a Stadium Can Make

This is an interesting post about professional sports teams and the effects of a new stadium. There is an economic impact called the "honeymoon effect" when a team builds a new stadium. This means that the attendance numbers increase because fans want to view the game in the new stadium. This can affect ticket and concessions pricing. The author gives an example of the Arizona Cardinals and describes them as one of the worst teams in the NFL. I must say, I agree. When Arizona was up for an expansion team, they chose to have the Cardinals come over from St. Louis instead. I still don't understand that decision. Anyway, the point is that the Cardinals are building a new stadium in Glendale, Arizona. Now that this is the case, they are no longer offering deals like the four-game ticket package. It is either one game or season tickets. Will they ask higher ticket prices while they are at it? It is interesting that this "honeymoon effect" has an impact on prices, but the team will likely not improve.

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rico said...

I still believe that you will eventually be able to buy different ticket packages. When they find that they can't fill the seats, they will start offering different deals. I guess we will see.