Boo on Southern Utah's local newspaper

For those of you who don’t know, SUU school of business has recently achieved AACSB accreditation. According to Dr. Tufte, out of 3,000 universities only 300 have this level of accreditation. That means that SUU’s school of business is considered in the top 10% of all business schools in the US! This also means that our credits will transfer to virtually any school and it reflects a high level of education.

This seems like this would be news worthy. However, not a peep of this news was in Southern Utah’s local newspaper The Spectrum. Even our own school newspaper The Journal didn't mention anything other than a small article with a picture of Dean Templin eating cake somewhere buried in the back. Dean Templin flew all the way to Paris to get that award and cake in addition to all of the hard work of the business school's faculty. It’s not even a story worthy of The Journal’s website!

I have noticed a significant bias in our newspapers against SUU, the business school in particular. For example, just the other day The Spectrum ran an article about one of Dixie State’s students getting an internship with Senator Hatch. Somewhere buried within that article was the news that SUU was in the Princeton Review’s top schools. To me news of a small school like SUU getting this kind of prestige is very news worthy. It’s great that Dixie State has a student interning with Sen. Hatch. But do they have to bury other good news of SUU in the middle? By the way, SUU has sent two students as interns under Sen. Bennett. That wasn’t in the newspaper either.

So what does this have to do with economics? Everything. If you are a business owner in an area like Southern Utah and you get on the bad side of the local newspaper because you kissed the editor’s girlfriend in high school, you’re screwed. Capitalism doesn’t get to work for you. Even though you may provide better service, prices, etc. than your competitors you will have an uphill battle because of little or bad press.

Now is there a bias? Absolutely. If The Spectrum is this biased against a school in it’s own small community, think of how biased the "big" media could be against anything! It’s unfortunate the media only gives us the information it wants us to have.

Boo on The Spectrum.


parker said...

Amen on the comment! I have been amazed at how lame the local newspapers are. Although I am disappointed that The Spectrum didn't post anything on the accreditation, it truly makes me sick to think that The Journal also flaked out on us. However it is clear to interpret from the exposure given that receiving the same accreditation as UCLA is definitely not as big of news as the weekly reports on the continuously losing football team, the quarter page that is used for the black and white comic that is about the least funny thing I have ever read, or the large sections dealing with the students own opinions on life and death issues such as the school's colors.
It is so sad to see that something that so many rely on for their information is actually a pretty crappy source that fails to report on deserving issues, and often reports with bias on many others (giving props to Dixie for things that SUU has been doing for years without acknowledgement).
So in conclusion, A BIG NO THANKS to the newspapers.

isabelle said...

I think SUU has one of the worst newspapers in the US. I have never found myself so bored with stupid articles before. Issue after Issue I find myself rolling my eyes over stupid issues. Another thing I don't like about SUU's paper is that students going into journalism have to write articles in it. They can say whatever they want... it doesn't even have to make sense. There have been numerous articles that attack a persons character... and they don't publish positive articles about SUU? There is a big problem with SUU's paper. I think we should call for a new team to reform The Journal and the articles that go into it.