I Like Mike!

When I saw a post about Mike Leavitt on the voluntaryXchange blog I became very interested. While I didn't realize that Mike Leavitt had a strong chance of getting the already filled Chief of Staff job, I have no doubts as to why he would be a highly considered choice. Although the position was apparently filled by someone else, Andrew Card, I look forward to seeing what political and social positions Mike Leavitt will ultimately fill. I had the opportunity of meeting Mike Leavitt on March 25th, and I must say I was very impressed to say the least. I remember having met him at a Onions days parade in Payson, UT when I was very young, but this last meeting left a much deeper impression on me because of the place I am in my life today. It is also quite a special thing to me that one of Utah's governors was a gradate of the business school that I am currently attending. It is amazing to see where successful, goal oriented, and entrepreneurial minded individuals come from. People from all walks of life, and locations, large and small do incredible things, and it was very inspiring for me to meet one such person, Mike Leavitt, a graduate from my soon to be Alma Matter!

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