Health, Not War

As I read a post entitled “Large Government Budgets Result from Monopolization, Not Tax Revenue” from the Productivity Shock blog, I realized that it seems conservatives don’t always practice what they preach. How can you claim that implementing less governmental organizations is the key to lowering gov’t spending, and then pass literally every proposal requiring the deficit to bulge? You can speak to the masses about ideals that you really don’t have, but sooner to later, society is smart enough to realize that you are a hypocrite. So many conservatives get heartburn over the very thought of a nationalized health care system, but don’t even bat an eyelash at the fact that we’re spending billions of dollars every month in Iraq!!! At least implementing universal health care would promote health, not violence, something that is priceless in today’s ever unstable world.


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Great point! spending on something that will make the people's condition better is far more better than spending billions in wars.