Airline tickets increase with increased fuel charges

The recent increase in fuel is effecting everyone whether you travel by air, bus, train or car. Even the cost of groceries has increased due to the cost of fuel. American Airlines has announced an increase in international tickets of $20 round trip. There is no end in sight of the continued cost increase. American Airlines has announced the increase for international flights but domestic flights will probably follow soon. I believe even the cost of fast food will be increased shortly.


Blake said...

The cost of oil is ridiculous! I have not even been home once this semester because I can't afford to drive back and forth. I have a fuel efficient car, and just to go home and back, it costs about $50! You can't blame airlines for charging more for their flights, or retailers for charging more for their products because fuel is a huge component of their expenses, whether directly (in the case of airlines), or indirectly through higher costs incurred via shipping (in the case of retailers). I wonder how insane things will get. Will it soon cost $10/gallon for gas? I wouldn't be surprised.

Dr. Tufte said...

Gosh ... would you rather walk? If cost is the big problem, there is a solution there.

I didn't think so. This suggests that the problem is elsewhere.

We buy all sorts of things that are expensive for what they are. A few posts back it's noted how much is spent on tanning. Yet people who pay $20 for tan will complain about spending $20 on gas that might allow them to avoid 200-400 miles of walking (and allow them to carry all their stuff with them).

This makes me think that there are benefits to complaining about this sort of thing that we are not seeing.

duke said...

Yes, I agree the cost of oil has reached an all time high. Our politicians need to be more aggressive in combating these increases.

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Anonymous said...

An interesting wrinkle in the world of airline tickets--an American Airline ticket purhased a few weeks ago was $297 +$60 in taxes and fees. The same ticket purchased today, I discovered, is $299 +40 in taxes and fees. The difference, I am told, is that the airline "locks in" the fuel surchage when the ticket is purchased. As you may have noticed, gas prices are falling recently, but political implications are beyond the scope of my comment here. --Kim

Dr. Tufte said...

Very interesting - that sounds like they are bundling as well.

Thanks for commenting.