biotechnology, a lucrative business

The biotechnology industry is booming and so are the wages. Many states are now trying to get in on the action. In addition to states wanting to get biotechnology business to come to their state they are also spending billions to support the necessary research. Those in favor of biotechnology do not want government to step in and regulate business. Biotechnology will lead to innovations in the future.


Blake said...

I think it is great that biotechnology is becoming so big. We live in the best of times, and worst of times as far as innovation is concerned. While some exploit such advances, I believe the majority use it to promote good, including new medical breakthroughs, etc. I hope that the government continues to fund biotech research, with relative little regulation and hassle for parties involved in the field.

Dr. Tufte said...

-1 on Will's post for poor capitalization.

-1 on Blake's comment for grammatical errors.

There is a prisoner's dilemma here. The best strategy for an individual state is to offer breaks to a (biotech) company that wants to relocate. Yet, the optimal strategy for the country as a whole is for that sort of policy not to be pursued.