Trvial, Yet Relatable

Upon reading this March 31, 2006 post entitled "Fun fact of the week" from the Asymmetrical Information blog, I immediately could relate. She talked about something supposedly called the "Garcia effect", which is basically the complete avoidance of something because of a bad experience upon first encountering it. Incase you didn't refer to the link, the Garcia effect is in reference to edible things. To this day, I refuse to eat watermelon, and most melon type foods because of an instance when I ate watermelon and became sick immediately after. While I don't believe that the watermelon made me sick, I have always associated it with becoming sick, and have thus avoided it like the plague. While I realize this isn't entirely economics related, it really is food for thought. On another note, how many times do we avoid something great in life, because of one bad experience that could have happened as a complete fluke? My point, unless it's the opera, you may want to consider trying something again after a bad experience to see if it could actually be worthwile!

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Cole said...

Your post really is "food for thought". I had a similar experience with broccoli. As a child, I once got a stomachache from eating it. I have never cared for the vegetable ever since. My wife, on the other hand, loves broccoli and would love to have it at every meal. I have slowly increased my tolerance for it and will eat it in small portions (at least in front of the kids). The point is, few would deny the health benefits of broccoli, but because of my early experience, I have missed out on many of those health benefits.