Healthy Economy vs. Healthy You

Wow! I read an article that illustrates perfectly why 2 factors that appear together are not always correlated. The Conspiracy to Keep You Poor and Stupid highlights a study that concludes that during healthy economies, there are more heart attacks and higher death rates. An economics professor in the article claims that when people are working more, they are not exercising, they are eating out more, and probably smoking more. However, the study does not give any concrete evidence as to the actual correlation between low unemployment and higher deaths. Is there any evidence that someone will join a gym and work out more if they are out of work? It seems a bit suspicious to me.

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Blake said...

The findings contained in your post are very interesting, but make sense. America has a "healthy economy", but is stressed to the max. Is having the ability to acquire massive amounts of material goods worth killing ourselves? Apparently it is. It seems like greed and consumption have become the new priorities. Family and recreation have been put on the backburner, and have been traded in for a super stressful lifestyle, which I believe is highly inefficient from a human standpoint.