Is Amway Here To Stay?

I read a post called "Is Something Rotten In Utah? from the voluntaryXchange blog and must say I couldn't agree more with the comments contained in it!! While I think Utah is a wonderful place, with amazing people, it does seem like multi-level marketing tactics are very prevalent here. Perhaps the promise of getting rich quick is appealing to those who are trying to support large families, but ironically, such "promises" usually just suck people in, ultimately wasting their time and money, two highly valued commodities. Perhaps leaders of such companies see Utahns as trusting and friendly individuals, and pounce on them as their prey, but ultimately, people need to recognize that such marketing tactics are scams!!! Getting involved with such shady projects can also prove to be offensive. Just because one thinks they are going to be the next millionaire over night doesn't mean that everyone else shares in their passion. In fact, one of my mother's friends whom she had known for a long time invited my mom over for a "visit" and "lunch". This masked invitation turned out to be a 3 hour scheme to have my mother get involved with Amway. When my mother politely refused, she felt very awkward and uncomfortable. Sadly, that friend has failed to contact my mother since, and this happened many years ago. To which I say, what a loss! There are plenty of honest ways to make a good living, that don't require you to use your friends, and damage long term relationships. Those ways are called good ol' fashioned hard work! Sorry to say, you can't get something for nothing, and the sooner people start accepting that, the better off we'll all be. Trust me, if I never saw another pesticide selling or security system selling recruiter in the halls of the Sharwan Smith Center, IT WOULD BE TOO SOON!!!


Cole said...

Wow Blake, you really have some strong feelings about multi-level marketing (MLM). I actually agree with most of your points. I have had several awkward situations where friends or associates approached me about MLM "opportunities". I decided long ago that this type of thing was not for me. I have always maintained this position when encountered and it has worked well.

I am wondering, however, about some of the words you used in this post..."scam", "shady", other "honest" ways to make a living. Other than the offensiveness and awkwardness, I don't think that most MLM companies are shady. There are certainly some people in them that are unscrupulous, but you find that outside of MLM too. I have found that the vast majority of people involved in MLM are honest. They are, however, usually misguided and overzealous. Not too mention, most of them underestimate the work required to be successful.

I do not doubt that most MLM programs work if you work at them. The real problem is that the products or services involved usually get overshadowed by "recruiting" activities. Although I am opposed, I don't see MLM as a "shady scam", but rather as a poor business model.

Anonymous said...

I live in Utah and I see most of the MLM's started by Utahns. I think it does have to do with having more children than one could support. Amazing that the belief is that God gives all these children, but why not the money for feeding them, clothing them, saving for them, housing them, etc?

They are a poor business model, but I think the question of why is legitimate.