Blackberry vs. Redberry

RIM has announced that it is on track to deliver its new blackberry to China the middle of next year. Recently following their announcement, China Unicom announced the introduction of their new Redberry. The Redberry is designed similar to the Blackberry, and has many of the same features. RIM will look into filing a lawsuit in China, but the litigation process is long and difficult. They seemed to be able to enter the market in China, but Chinese competitors seem to have the advantage.


Jake said...

It seems that China is making a serious effort to protect their native manufacturers.

Anonymous said...

RIM has tied up with china Mobile which has a larger customer base..
So i guess Redberry would not last long at least the name wont ... they will be forced to change it..

Dr. Tufte said...

I think the actions of RIM tell us that they think the net gain in China - after the lawsuits - is worth pursuing.