Armani...More Than Just A Name

A post entitled "The Business of Armani's Fashion House" from the Knowledge Problem blog explained how Georgio Armani has branched out into much more than wearable fashions, such as cosmetics, furniture, and even candy. While he was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal and was basically asked if he felt diversifying in so many product lines would take away from the prestige of his brand, he seemed quite confident in his abilities to cater to various markets with special attention, without losing his vision in any one of them. I think it's great that he has started to get involved with various projects, outside of clothing design. In business, if you have a talent for something, such as Armani's creativity and detail, why not capitalize on that in any way possible? It seems quite feasible that someone who has been highly successful creating timeless fashions would have great potential doing the same thing in other markets, such as furniture or cosmetics. I say, if you've got it, flaunt it!


rico said...

Armani is just a name. This is a good example of establishing a brand image. He already has the name brand popularity, so establishing new product lines shouldn't be too difficult.

Dr. Tufte said...

-1 on Blake's post for gramamtical errors.

I would add that branding is a form of economies of scope.