New Economics in France?

I recently read a good article on a French Economics teacher. The teacher had attended an internship that allows teachers to rotate through several departments of a company to see how the business is run. She has now been including capitalism, or "the market economy" as she puts it, in her high school classes. She was surprised that people enjoy working for companies and she is now encouraging students to study more than just the shortcomings of capitalism. France's economy is changing, as is illustrated with new employment laws. However, it is evident that many French citizens do not have a firm understanding of basic economic concepts. For instance, in a government survey, only 23% of respondents knew what GDP was. Hopefully this teacher's class will be a good start to a more thorough economics education.

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Blake said...

I think it's great that this teacher gained real life experiences through an internship, and is in turn passing on the messages she learned to her students. So often, teachers are too focused on theory, when they have little or no real world experience to back it up. She is offering her students a true education, with real life applications, bravo!