Lobbying To The Limit

As I read the Capital Freedom blog, I came across an interesting post concerning lobbying. The author talked about some recent proposed changes that would restrict some of the lobbying activity taking place, although the article linked within the post ultimately went on to say that major lobbying activities such as funding politicians' trips, etc. are still allowed. Basically the senate has recently tried to tighten up on its' lobbying policies, by attempting to outlaw politicians' acceptance of meals, as well as trying to increase the amount of information that lobbyists would have to disclose concerning their activity with politicians. Overall, I was quite dissapointed with the outcomes. In my opinion, not many laws were passed, and lobbying procedures still seem to remain pretty unregulated. I think that lobbyists and politicians working together represent a huge conflict of interest. One group receives gifts and resources (politicians), while the other usually gains huge incentives and legislation passed in favor of their businesses (lobbyists). It's about time, senate really stepped up and took a stand against lobbying. Lobbying is bribery, and shouldn't be a part of our governmental policy!


Jake said...

I don't think there is any way that the power of lobbyers can be eliminated. If we can't eliminate the power of lobbyists, I at least want to know who owns my senators.

parker said...

I must say that lobbying is one issue that I cannot believe exists! The conflict of interest is undeniable. Speaking form an economic standpoint, it seems to me that lobbying is a huge form of inefficiency that allows for companies and products to thrive and reap huge profits when if left to the market would surely not occur.

Dr. Tufte said...

-1 on Blake's post for multiple grammatical errors.

I'm not a fan of lobbying, but the lobbyists will say it is a form of free speach. I think they have a point.

Do you let your kids lobby? How about your spouse? Parents? Neigbors? Boss and coworkers? Church? I think there is a ton of this going around, and once again, we are only worried about one aspect of it.