Woman Power

According to an article in BusinessWeek Online, women purchase at least half of all consumer electronics sold. As described in the article, many companies are shifting their focuses of their advertising campaigns towards women. Many executives and managers are making this change after realizing the revenue potential of women buyers. This phenomenon sounds as though the companies are trying to expand their demand for their products by reaching a new clientele. It will be very interesting to see if this marketing goal will produce the desired fruits of the electronic corporations.


Chuck said...

I think we have a winner Bob! Women today have more buying power than ever before, due in large part, to the amount of women in the workforce. Now, if electronics companies can get women to beleive that computers, laptops, and PDA's are cool yet feminine, through marketing, they are sure to increase their bottom lines!

Dr. Tufte said...

-1 on Chuck's comment for spelling errors.

Targeted marketing like this is a form of third degree price discrimination (which is perfectly legal) and is discussed in Chapter 11 of our text.

FWIW: I was in Brookstone in Trolley Square in November, and there were only women working, and every other shopper was a woman too - and I was buying a guilt gift for my "tech-chick" wife.

Ralph said...

I agree, women are an untapped resource for many markets. I was recently talking with someone about one market in particular leaning their advertising to women. Many video games have come out lately I think that are focused for girls. This could double an industries entire market. Other markets that were historically “man markets” are doing the same thing. This trend I believe will continue until it is common to ask your mom or dad how to rebuild an engine.