Could hockey burse the economy?

During this years season the National Hockey League (NHL) has had a major lockout. Now it appears the entire season maybe called off. Not only has this been a bad year to attend a hockey game, but it turns out that manufactures and retailers of hockey apparel and equipment are being hit hard as well. Hockey fans are not purchasing clothing, hats, or skates this season. They are having a hard time purchasing and wearing such items when there are no games to attend.

As the players are trying to get higher salaries they are hurting the economy. By staying off of the ice they are crippling a billion dollar a year industry. Since September sales of related paraphernalia have dropped by 50 to 60 percent depending on reign.

Should these hockey players expect their fans to return in droves when and if the season resumes. After all, it is just a game, right? People are getting paid, and paid well, to do what they love. Now because of their selfishness they are putting the hurt to the economy.


Dr. Tufte said...

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This is another prisoner's dilemna (negotiations often are). The strategy choices that are most beneficial for each side only work if the other side rolls over and plays dead. So, they each end up with a lousy outcome.

What get's me about hockey is that it isn't making any money when the management and players do agree. How dumb are they to think that disagreeing will do better?

C-Dizzle said...

I'm don't claim to know the whole truth but is it possible that the hockey franchise teams are not distributing the wealth properly?

I realize that the players are making millions but are the team owners and managers keeping far more of the dough for themselves and not passing it on?

I guess if striking is the only way for the players to claim their share, more power to them! If they're just being selfish brats, maybe the owners need to take a hockey stick to 'em!

rico said...

Hockey players don't get paid nearly the amount that other professional athletes get paid. Striking, however, has been ineffective in what they are trying to accomplish. They are going to lose the support of their fans, and ultimately lose more money because of this.

Dale said...

Hockey is just not as popular as many other sports in the world and especially America. I think that the hockey players are gambling on something that they just might lose, which is the limited market of fans. When baseball players went on strike it took some awfully good record breaking performances by the ball players to resurrect the fans attitudes about baseball. I think that the hockey players will have to do the same.

homer said...

The owners and management know they are at a huge crossroads right now. The league was dying way before the lockout. A new, tight, sleek looking uniform is in the works, along with overhauling of the rules to make scoring happen more often. Also, the anouncing will be simplified to attract new, "non-puckhead" fans.

Luise said...

I have been watching hockey for years and there have never been huge crowds like at basketball or football games. On the other hand where hockey is played isn’t equipped to sit as many spectators as say the Delta Center or Madison Square Garden. I agree with Rico that hockey plays don’t get paid nearly what NBA or NFL players get paid. It may be greed or it might be that they just want to feel as important as other sport figures. Hockey fans will attend games after all the negotiating are over with. After all people still watch basketball and we all know that NBA players are the biggest brats out of all sports groups.

salty said...

Hockey is in trouble and I am glad. I dislike hockey because it is a boring game to watch. When the baseball strike occured it took them three years to get the fans back. Hockey will take longer because it only has a core of radical fans. Thank you to the hockey players for being greedy, I will not have to endure hockey taking up time on ESPN.

Nick said...

I think that this strike will initially hurt the hockey merchandise market but once they start playing again it will be like it was before. Just like when baseball had there strike, it was an initial blow to the that economy but now they are just fine.