Who Will Be Next????

Carly Fiorina, CEO of Hewlett-Packard, was fired this past week after a short, six-year stay with the computer and printing company. Even though the company has doubled sales over the last five years, the HP board still decided to begin the search for a new leader. Part of the problem that led up to the firing of Fiorina was the company purchase of Compaq. As the article states, the ex-CEO had a difficult time in getting the two organizations to combine forces and work efficiently. With this new move, it leaves many to wonder if fresh leadership will be the answer to a slowing corporation.


homer said...

Look at sports. Teams that are changing coaches every couple of years usually do not fare too well. However, sometimes a change is good.

Ann said...

Hewlett-Packard needs to hirer somebody who will be able to make the company more competive.
One of Hewlett-Packards biggest competitors is Dell, who just published better than expected financial statments. Dell is a subsitute product for Hewlett-Packard, so Hewlett-Packard needs some fresh ideas to overcome its competition. If Carly Fiorina was not doing the job then maybe it was time for a change.