Are we Spending Money Needlessly or Wisely?

President George W. Bush is in the process of presenting his new budget plan to the nation. The new budget is cutting back on some of the nation’s expenditures, in attempt to decrease the deficit in America. I feel the new budget will cause a lot of contention coming from the lower income families in America.

I am sure that President Bush has good reasons for his new budget cuts, but what if we were to look at other major expenditures and see what would happen if we were to decrease them. There is an Internet site called www.costofwar.com that keeps a running total of what the government is spending thus far on the Iraq war; the number is in the hundred billions. The Internet site also compares the money spent in Iraq to other institutions we could have funded instead. Please don’t read into this wrong, I am for Iraq; however I am for America also. We are doing a world of good to the citizens of Iraq today, but are we doing it at the expense of citizens of America?

Equilibrium, I feel, is past the equal point. Are we spending money needlessly or wisely? Perhaps we may not know what we have done until years later when we can look back and see the whole picture.


Lana said...

That's a cool sight. But do you think the cost is really increasing that fast? I too am for helping Iraq, but if the sight is showing true numbers, look at all the opportunity costs that are being lost because (as you stated) the "equilibrium is past the equal point".

Emily said...

There is a lot of money going into Iraq right now which could be spent on other things which would benefit America, but at the current time the chose has been made. The money probably should go to Iraq for the simple fact we started something and now we have to finish it. The safety of America as awhole and the troops over there know is at risk if the money is not there.

Diane said...

This cite also shows the cost to America in reference to lost scholarships, AIDS funds, education, etc. Opportunity cost should be part of future government decisions. We can't afford to fund the war and fund Federal programs.
The war might benefit America if some form of democracy succeeds in Iraq and peace is established. Improve relations between the two countries may create new trade opportunities.
Costs and benefits should always influence decisions.