All concentrations of power are bad

I love this ... http://angry-economist.russnelson.com/concentrations-of-power.html ... I am so tired of so many people trying to give more and more power to the federal government. I am tired of listening to liberals (I mean not to offend) screaming that the government has a responsibility to take care of us (are we really that unable?) and asking for more federal programs, federal funding and federal regulation.

The main result of liberal desires is, in my opinion, a more socialist type government and we know, we have many examples, that socialism doesn't work well.

If the author of this blog I'm referencing is correct that George Bush is attempting to reduce the power of the Federal Government and restoring it to its original purpose then ... GO BUSH!!


Fred said...

It was the authors' original intentions of the U.S. constitution that the state and local government be given more responsibilities than the national government. However, as time goes by, America has become a more centralized governed economy due mostly to national protection. Of course each president has had a small impact throughout time but the movement has mostly been for protection and decision making in this light. Whenever the national government has had to step in and take certain responsibilities for a period of time it usually hasn't fully returned the power back to the local and state governments. I am with you on this one....GO BUSH!

sandy said...
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sandy said...

Amen. We all have the right to govern ourselves and should be left alone do do so. If we have a parent, such as the federal government, holding our hand and carrying us through every little moment of trouble, we will never learn, grow, and accept responsiblility. Citizens demanding the help of government and asking the government to step in does not reflect the will power, determination, and indpendence of the great men and women that worked so hard to establish this nation.

Dr. Tufte said...

-1 on Jane's post for a poorly formatted link.

One of the big messages of economics is that decentralized decision making works a lot more than people think it does, and that centralized decision making doesn't work as well as people think it does.

However, I'm not sure that you can absolutely attach centralized decision making to socialism. The latter is kind of caught up in the European style centralization of government that occurred over the last few centuries (for good or bad).