Now here’s a “niche” in the market I’ve never thought of. For all of you cell phone using daters, here’s a good buy for you!

Virgin Mobile is now offering a “Call you back” service to all their customers (Only in Australia at this point). Here’s the idea…You’re on a date. The conversation stinks, McDonald’s really isn’t your favorite hotspot for a comfortable dining experience, and “Desperate House Wives” comes on in 15 minutes. What to do…What to do…You discreetly dial three numbers on your phone, hit the send button, and hang up. One minute later, “Ring-Ring”. You answer the phone and it’s a concerned roommate telling you to get home immediately, “Something’s happened.” Your concerned date promptly packs up the Happy Meals and takes you home.

What your date doesn’t know is that the person on the other end of the concerned phone call was actually a Virgin Mobile phone operator making up a story so that you can get out of your terrible date.

This is all part of a new service offered by Virgin Mobile. It’s funny to think of an actual demand for such a commodity but it’s real and Virgin Mobile has the supply. “A survey of 402 people by Virgin Mobile found that 53 percent arrange in advance to have a friend call them mid-date to check they are all right or if they need an excuse to get out. The results showed women were twice as likely as men to use the tactic.”

Click here for the story: Ubiquitous Markets (Valentine's Day Edition)


Jones said...

I found this blog interesting because it sort of goes along with a blog that was posted last time about the magnetic yellow ribbons people stick to the rear of their cars. It was about the maker of these yellow ribbons being able to find a "niche" in a market and make money off of it. But the question was is it ethical to make a profit off of something like the morning of soldiers who fought representing our country? Well in a way this blog is asking the same question. Is it ok to make money off of helping people lie and be dishonest? It doesn't seem right to me. Providing a service by charging people to make up excuses for them and flat out lie to someone just seems wrong to me. I'm all for making your company as profitable as possible don't get me wrong, but it just seems like there are better ways to go about doing it then others.

salty said...

Too bad I am married now, I don't have any excuse to use this service when it hits the United States. Virgin Mobile is a creative genius, they have found a niche for us guys to get out of bad dates. The demand will skyrocket once the word gets out about this innovation.

Lana said...

I like this idea! And it would have been nice to have this service before I was married! However, do you think this will only be a fad? Or will it take hold and stick with society longer?

Mack said...

If people want it then someone will supply it. I think that it will pass with time, other cell phone companies will join in and as soon as it becomes a common feature in cell phones people will forget it is there. As with all inferior goods it will be replaced or copied.