Discrimination in the workplace

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission(EEOC) collected a record $420 million for employees last year. Last year the commission resolved 85,259 discrimination cases to total the $420 million, but the number of cases were down from the year before. This means that the workers filing the complaints and winning are receiving more money in court. They collected more than $251 million by settling cases before trial, and $168 million through EEOC lawsuits filed in federal courts. It seems to me that by filing a complaint you have a good chance at getting a settlement. The article doesn't' show how many complaints were dismissed, which could alter my opinion. I believe that there is too much unnecessary litigation in the workplace that could be avoided if people could just be more mature. We live in such a diverse country and we need to learn how to work together. What are these people going to do when their job sends them to a different country? Also, what about the employees filing complaints just because they have a good chance at receiving a settlement? We all need to get along with each other and not expect handouts if someone seems to treat us badly. How are we going to compete globally if we can't even get along with our own co-workers?


Dr. Tufte said...

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I think the sad thing here is not the amount of payout, but the unmeasured costs of all this litigation. $420 million isn't chicken feed, but what is the total amount spent to yield that? My guess would be 10 times as much.

salty said...

The U.S. needs to tone down its lawsuits because they tie down the court system and it waste a lot of money.

Jones said...

I think that this a major problem in some areas of the United States than others. For example, in California the claims are out of control compaired to here in Utah. Maybe employees need to get to work and make their money climbing up the corporate ladder instead of taking the easy way out and filing a complaint against their employer. I think the majority of complaints filed are embarassing to any honest worker and people need to get off of this idea of easy money from wining suits concerning discrimination.

Harry said...

I think that the lawsuits for discrimination in the workplace is out of hand. I am not saying that all cases should not be taken lightly. It is almost getting to the point that you do not even want to talk to some people because who knows what they will do. I also have to agree that people are just looking for an easy way out to make easy money.

Ann said...

If people were to stop being so sensitive about issues and file less discrimination complaints the entire American workforce would be much more effective and efficient.
Also workers will find they develop better relationship with fellow workers if discrimination were less of an issue.

I think that discrimination law suits and all other law suits are out of control. People in America are becoming too lazy to go out and work. Instead they come up with unreasonable law suits, find a "deep-pocket" to sue and get money. The US Government needs to come up with some limits associated with settling these frivalous lawsuits.