Cosmetic Surgery for Animals

The mayor of West Hollywood has proposed a law that makes "tail-docking" and "ear-cropping" of dogs illegal. This liberal city is the one that made the declawing of cats, one of the most painful cosmedic procedures of them all, illegal two years ago. This topic struck interesting because whether or not the way a company turns a profit is ethical is often a topic for debate. Is the sale of magnetic yellow ribbons for people's cars when the profit isn't donated to the mourning families eithical? Is doesn't seem right to turn a profit off of someone elses pain. The question is then why cut off parts of the dogs we breed in order to make them conform to some human-authored breed standards? Most of us probably did not even realize how ridiculous this sounds because it is such an accepted part of our society. Why make our animals go through these painful and unneccesary procedures? Veterinary science is a profitable industry (as most of us know from having to take our pets to the costly veterinarian) but cosmedic surgery for our cats and dogs may be crossing the line.


Bart said...

Have you ever seen a doberman with floppy ears they look goofy. I dont think that there is a problem with croping a dogs ears or tails. It makes them look better in my opinion.

Ann said...

I don't think it is ethical to do cosmetic surgery on animals. If a person is that picky that they need to "ear crop" or "tail-dock" a dog or cat then they should make sure they pick out an animal of their specifications, not turn a dog into their specifications. I don't know if I agree with the outlawing of declawing cats, because when you declaw a cat they can not scratch people, or other animals anymore. This is a benefit to society.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I don't understand why there much complications and even bans in some countries when cosmetic surgery worked out well for me and others I've seen.