Need, Money, Urgency

This article talks about salesman, and that their prospected customers must have three characteristics which are money, need, and urgency. If a salesperson has a good relationship with a buyer and he can find anything to sell to his client then it is best to refer him to someone else that will benefit the customer’s needs. The salesman can collect a referral fee for doing this, and he should because the customer is not his qualified customer.

Another case is if a customer feels that he needs a certain product but does not have any money or access to the money needed to purchase the product, then he is also an unqualified customer for that particular salesman. The last case scenario is if a customer really understands that he can benefit from the product and has the money however, he does not follow through with the purchase then he falls into the “should” be customer classification.

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Dr. Tufte said...

Ooh, I can turn this into economics so quickly!

The customer needs money. This is the budget constraint from Chapter 3.

The customer has to have a need that must be filled. This is the idea behind the indifference curve.

The customer has to have urgency. This is the discount rate discussed in Chapter 1.