Bush Aims to Boost US Tsunami Aid

Bush Aims to Boost US Tsunami Aid

Does it make economic sense to rebuild countries after a major disaster? This may not be politically correct, but should we send 950 million dollars to aid tsunami relief? I am looking at this in a totally economic way. Will helping these countries help the U.S. economy? The U.S. trade deficit reached over 617.7 billion dollars last year and is projected to keep getting bigger. Couldn’t we use this money here at home? With the hubbub about social security, don’t you think the 950 million would help keep it a float for awhile? Like I said, I know this is in bad taste, but why do we always have to be the saviors of the world? Maybe it’s time to be selfish and get our own ducks in a row.

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Jones said...

I completely agree. I think it is time we stop worrying about everybody elses problems (to a certain extent) and start solving our own. Even though the tsunami incident was definitely tragic, we should let people donate money from their own pocket if they want to, but not cause our country to go even more in to debt. We can't prevent disasters from occuring so lets do what we can but not completely sacrifice the good of our own country for others. This may sound selfish, but it is necessary. Then again, what is 950 million when your debt is an astonishing 617.7 billion! Why not keep digging ourselves deeper and deeper into this hole we have got ourselves into.