Anti-War Demonstrations

Yesterday, on October 23, 2005, anti-war demonstrators gathered throughout the Globe to voice their opinions against the war in Iraq. According to: Anti-war demonstrators, In Washington alone, nearly 100,000 banded together to get their message across. Despite Bush’s absence, people waved banners, and shouted their exclamations against the war. In Rome and London, many asserted that the war should end. While there were small groups "protesting the protestors" the majority of those in attendance were all there to support a common cause---pulling out of the Iraq war. Personally, I praise all those that were involved in protesting the war, especially those that did so in Washington. I knew a young man who was shot in the head and killed in Iraq, and the torment that his family, and young, widowed bride are enduring is unbearable. When will enough be enough? I believe Bush needs to demonstrate some positive leadership and attempt to pull out our troops and end the war in a careful, and efficient manner. All the billions of dollars that are being flushed down the toilet could be used to invest in something with immeasurable returns – "humanity". Over 15% of the people in the United States have no health insurance, yet Bush continues to approve spending for the Iraq war. Millions are disabled and are living on small, fixed incomes, yet once again Bush forks out the Americans’ hard earned tax dollars for the "almighty" Iraq war. My deep concern and question is: When will Bush wake up and realize that people in this country are desperately in need of his support? When will he start investing in the American people that he supposedly represents? Unfortunately Bush’s term of office won’t end until 2008, but in the mean time, I hope people throughout the World continue to protest the war and terrible crimes against humanity that are occurring as a result.


Anonymous said...

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Logan said...

I am deeply sorry to hear about your friend who was killed in the war. It is not an easy thing to watch or witness, but ya know, it is even harder for me to watch hundreds of thousands of anti-war demonstrators openly revile our nations heroes... the brave troops in Iraq. I know, you think that the demonstrators are actually supporting the troops by rallying against their Commander and Chief, but in reality, they are completely demoralizing and disrespecting them. I too have friends in Iraq. One of them is police chief from a small Southern Utah town who decided to go to Iraq and help establish its police force. He was recently home on a two-week vacation and I had the opportunity to speak to him. I asked him if our efforts in Iraq were worth the cost. He went on to tell me about the Iragis who line the street to cheer for the American troops as they drive by, the young girls who can now go to schoool and recieve an education, and the countless families who no longer live in a relentless fear of an evil leader. As he spoke I noticed tears in his eyes. He said, "Don't believe all that you see on the news. The troops are proud of their duty and work, and they pray for America's support." I don't know everything that there is to know about this war, but I do know this; I would feel deeply ashamed of myself if I gathered to demonstrate, on our well protected homeland, against the very cause that our loved ones have lost their lives. If they could speak to all of us from the great unknown, and we could some how hear their plees, I believe that they would ask us to quite our cries and honor their tour of duty.

Bob said...

Thank you for your comment Logan! I echo what Logan said. It's unfortunate that the news is so willing to report anything that is negative, while leaving out all of the progress we have made in Iraq. Anyone that is in opposition to the war should take the time to speak to a soldier who has been there. I am greatful for those who are serving, especially to those who have lost their lives. I am even more greatful that the casualties we have suffered are very minimal compared to wars that we have fought in the past. I am disgusted that those who protest have the freedoms they do since they won't support those fighting for the freedom of others. We can sleep in peace at night without fear because of our freedom and great government, let's not deny the cause to give other people the same peace of freedom that we have. Our government is helping so many people who are unwilling to help themselves. I think it's a shame that we have hand fed so many people that they rely on the government for everything. Thank God we live in a country that is willing to our own people as well as others who are suffering from criminal leaders and terrorists. Maybe we can take the millions of dollars being handed to obese people each month and use it to fight for a good cause:) See the blog titled "Get Paid for Being Overweight".

pramahaphil said...

I'd like to echo the sentiments of Logan. I think it would be extremely dishonorable to those that died on 9-11, the soldiers who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan, for us as a nation to say, "the war isn't worth it, ending terrorism and tyranny is too hard." Soldiers aren't some dummies that were duped into joining the military, every last one of the soldiers know they may be asked to lay their life on the line.

For the political left to discredit their sacrifice they way they do by protesting the war is disgraceful.

Now Bush is off-base believing that spending can be increased exponentially with cuts in revenue. I believe his tax cuts would be proper if it weren't for war and these times of major catastrophe. But I truely apppreciate his efforts to encourage Americans to give to private charities during times like these, instead of increasing the amount of tax dollars used for welfare spending.

Dr. Tufte said...

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