Outrage Over Abu Ghraib Sentencing!!

The sentencing for the female soldier involved in the Abu Ghraib scandal was handed down yesterday. As the article points out, there are many people who are upset with the 3 year sentence. Though her actions were repulsive, consider what happens to American prisoners in Iraq. I guess that according to some, humiliation and decapitation are on about the same level. The coverage that this story received was vastly overblown when you consider the coverage that Americans receive when they are tortured and killed. If these actions were against an American, it would probably be out of the news in a day or so whereas this story stayed around for months. It is amazing to me the amount of people in the US that enjoy hearing how terrible Americans are .


Elijah said...

I don't necessarily think that it is that we like to hear about how terrible Americans are, but rather that we expect more from our citizens. I think that it was appropriate for this story to stay around this long just for the mere fact that we as a nation are looked up to so much, that this just seems unacceptible. yes it would have been forgotten in a day had it been an American soldier killed, but aren't we trying to set the example for the Iraqi people? I'm not saying that I enjoy hearing this kind of stuff, but rather that maybe they deserve it.

Dan said...

Who deserves it? The innocent Iraqi civilians who are murdered by the type of hate that this story brought, or is it the US soldiers who die for our country? The point that I was trying to make was that this type of coverage does more harm than good because of the hate that it insights. The media made the story seem as if this was a widespread problem that was out of control, when in reality it only involved a few soldiers and it was being taken care of just fine.

Dr. Tufte said...

Dan - next time try to make the text of your link a bit more informative.

-1 on Elijah's comment for a spelling error.

Where is the ManEc in this post? Perhaps I should add some.

What the legacy media is doing here is making news about the Lynddie England case cheap, and news about other events less expensive. Part of that is certainly that it is cheaper to cover a trial in the U.S than some event in Iraq. But, that certainly can't explain the entire discrepancy in coverage, and I think that motivates questions about the objectivity of the legacy media. If Wal-Mart consistently put cake on sale, we'd be sure to check and find out if they were buying up Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig franchises.