Torture kids out of love?

I am disgusted by the amount of child abuse that is going on in the world. An Ohio couple kept their children in cages at night, saying that their children were out of hand. While a Florida couple was charged with five counts of aggravated child abuse for yanking out their children's toenails with pliers and torturing them with an electric cattle prod. Their twin fourteen-year-old boys both weighed less than 40 pounds, yet the father pleads, "It was never any intent to harm them." Both of these families were adopted children. I'm not blaming the adoption agency for picking bad parents; I just want to know how someone can see nothing wrong with the situation. If parents are adopting kids, these kids should be given a chance to be raised in a somewhat functional home since they were taken out of a broken home, they shouldn't be worse off. If the parents can't handle raising children, if it's too much responsibility for them to handle, there is a solution. It’s quite simple really, they should not adopt children.


Logan said...

I agree with you completely! The problem is, these people are not adopting kids because they want to be parents, they are simply taking advantage of the system and reaping the financial benefits of it. In order for adoption to be finacially beneficial, the kids have to be treated like some businesses, cut back on all the necessaties to slice costs, feed it just enough to stay alive!

Alex said...

I agree with you for the most part. Except I think that the adoption agencies are somewhat to blame. I know they do a background check, but how far back do they go? Are they checking for insanity, or just for wealth? It shouldn't matter how much money someone has, what should matter is how much love they can give the child. What I want to know is how these couples keep adopting children. After the first kid is underweight and unhealthy, you would think they would get the hint.

Dr. Tufte said...

-1 on Logan's comment for spelling errors.

-1 on Alex's comment for spelling errors.

Agreed - but what does this have to do with ManEc?

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carter said...

Dr. Tufte said that this didn't have anything to do with economics. I agree but it is a sad story. I am curious to know what the adoption market is like for children.

Dr. Tufte said...

For one thing, it is a market in which people pay more for boys than girls.