Where's Our Relief ?

A long awaited disaster that all New Orlean citizens knew would eventually come. After affects of the hurricane show that a country so equipped in technology and military support can hit ground zero and closely relate to a third world country in seconds. People are starving, there is contaminated water, sewer in the streets, looters, rapes, killings, and much more. So where is our relief? It seems to be that after days of no sign of any kind of relief in New Orleans sends signals that we may not have what we need to protect our country. While we have one of the strongest military support systems in the world, it sure seems strange that when a disaster at the scale of Katrina hits that we are a little under supported here where we need it the most. Chaos in a disaster is expected, but the extent of third world chaos is unacceptable and should be prevented. Of course the people of New Orleans are acting the way they are, they are starving. Looting or killing to protect theirselves is the only way to survive. This all seems far off from what it should be when we are supposed to be living in a country where we take care of our citizens. MSN news has many news reports on the disaster and the chaos that is going on in New Orleans. www.msnbc.msn.com/id/9160453/ Lets just hope that this is an eye opener so that we might conscentrate a little more on protecting our own butts here in the US instead of out saving the whole world.


Dan said...

There were definiatly mistakes that were made concerning this disaster. However, the blame should be passed around and it is also those who lived in New Orleans own fault. The goverment cannot do everything, citizens must take responsibility at some point, like when mandatory evacuations are ordered. Also, since when does hunger make it exceptable to rape or kill another human? How is that solving the problem? "Looting or killing to protect themselves is the only way to survive." I don't think that the looting and killing was done for protection unless those TV sets were being used as weapons or shelter. The actions of those who took advantage of a horrible situation are inexcusable and should never be attemped to be justified in my humble opinion.

Bob said...

I have heard people complain over and over again about the slow or inadequate relief that came for the people of New Orleans. My question is, out of each of you that have voiced your complaint, how many of you have sent food or donations to help our fellow countrymen. Mobilizing 10,000 troops and having them know exactly what they would be doing could not happen over night. No one could have perdicted that the levees were going to break, but they did. I admit that things didn't happen just how we would have liked to see them, but I say instead of complaining and talking about the mistakes made in the past we focus our efforts on giving support not only for those hit by Hurricane Katrina, but also for our brave soldiers who continue the fight in the middle-east.

Logan said...

People in the United States sure are quick to point fingers. Usually their fingers are pointed right at the government. They are quick to complain but slow to contribute. I am not saying that the situation in New Orleans was handled correctly. I am not saying that the government responded quick enough. The point that I would like to make deals more with the way we are as americans than the situation itself. Our opinions and beliefs are shifted just about as fast as New Orleans was demolished. When everything is fine we appreciate the government and its benefits to us. But when disaster strikes, we hate the very system that allows us to complain. We fail to recognize the complexity of the issue at hand, we want quick penetrating answers to every problem, yet we don't want to provide them ourselves. Lets think befores we speak, thats wisdom.

emily said...

I don't think that people give enough credit to the government. Just because they were not there right as the hurricane hit, does not mean that thay did anything wrong, or were not thinking about the people in New Orleans. It takes time for the government to get things and people together to help. And yes our military is one of the strongest, but i think personally that they are doing a great job. They are there and they are helping do what they can. People all over the world are also helping at this time. Just because you are here in Utah, and were not personally harmed by the hurricane does not mean that you can not help at this time. It takes more than the government to help people in a world like this.

Nate said...

I agree that the relief was a little slow, but people have to realize that it was such a big area and there are only so many resources available. Something that strikes me is the lack of leadership from the mayor of New Orleans. The childish outburst he had on TV did nothing for the situation except say to the people of the city that it was alright to act like children and fire bullets at the rescue chopters!

Dr. Tufte said...

-3 on Liz's post for spelling errors, a sentence fragment, and a poorly formatted link.

-1 on Bob's comment for spelling errors.

-1 on Logan's comment for multiple spelling errors.

The post and comments are interesting, but I'd like to see more ManEc.

I think the point about all this that has been poorly made in the media is that the scope of this disaster is far larger than anything we've ever dealt with before. Rough estimates are that Katrina's damage is 3 times larger than 9/11, and 15-20 times larger than our second biggest disaster (the 1994 earthquake in Los Angeles). I think most people are just clueless about the scale of this.

Also (as a 9 year resident of New Orleans) my wife makes sure to point out to everyone who'll listen that everyone knew that the levees could be overtopped by surge from a bigger storm (which did not happen), but no one knew that they would catastrophically fail in a smaller storm. Prior to this storm, the ability of the levees to withstand a storm of this size was an educated guess - there was a possibility that they were not strong enough, but a high probability was not placed on that possisbility. And ... we won't know for a long time whether or not this was a fluke.

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