last wednesday I fueled my car knowing that if I waited another day to do it I would have ended up paying several dollars more. Everyone has noticed the price of gas has continued to go up the last couple of years, the lastest jump due to Hurricane Katrina. The price of regular unleaded is rapidly approaching $3 per gallon and is expected to exceed that in the next few days, but what is more alarming to me is the price of diesel fuel which has been over $3 per gallon for a couple of weeks and still continues to rise. The increase in diesel fuel increases the cost of logistics in the United States, if the cost continues to rise then the cost of regular consumer goods will soon follow. Therefore the cost of living in the U.S. will increase leading to inflation. The worst part is that most working students and staff at the university will probably not be properly compensated to match the higher cost of living. For more information on the rising gas prices please visit


Anonymous said...

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MrKnowItAll said...

The real tragedy be when the government releases the "inflation" rate it will be like .0000000000001 and they will say it with a smile on their face.

Alex said...

The rise in gasoline prices and in fuel prices has especially been hard on small towns throughout the U.S.. I've even heard of towns where the gas stations are losing money because they don't want to raise the prices anymore, but it is still costing them so much to supply it. Also, they have started to run out of fuel because everyone panicked and went and bought so much when they heard that prices were going to rise. I think if we could just stay calm, and trust those who know what they are talking about instead of freaking out and panickig everytime something bad happened then we would all be better off.

Dr. Tufte said...

-3 on Sophia's post for no link, poor capitalization, and for being apparently unfinished.

-1 on Alex's comment for spelling errors.

This blog is public, and as you can see, anyone can comment on it. The first one looks like spam, and as for the second, mrknowitall doesn't.

I think Sophia is right - these price increases will cause a drop in real incomes.

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