Nuclear Threats in Iran May Not Be a Threat

As we continue our war in Iraq critics seem to be losing any credibility in going to war over a hunch that a country may have nuclear weapons. Iran has become a suspicion and there are actions being made in trying to control their ability to enrich uranium. In a recent article printed in Newsweek, http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/9454837, Iran offers their side of the story of purpose of having these nuclear reactors and their reason for mining and enriching uranium. From the article it states that they are developing the use of uranium in order to begin using it for energy such as electricity. This usage is becoming more and more known worldwide. They state that recent jumps in oil prices show the reality of the limited resource of oil and that someday we will need alternate ways of producing energy in mass quantities. They state that they are putting their efforts soley in this purpose. Although the hunch of Iran using their efforts in a terrist way is there, there is no proof of any development of war heads or even the components thereof. This article made me ask myself what if the energy crisis solution lies in a smaller country rich in uranium such as Iran and not in a country known to be more technologically advanced like the US. And why shouldn't we allow them to develop this energy source at the expense of their own country and resources. By all means the threat of nuclear war should not be overlooked, but also shouldn't the fact that we may need such an energy source to supplement oil. Maybe we should focus our efforts worldwide in controlling nuclear threats and allowing countries to develop it in the strive for new ways of producing power. It could be for the good of their people and possibly to world to develop this unlimited power source.


Anonymous said...

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Jasmine said...

Iran is one of the wealthiest countries of oil in the world. If they are having energy troubles let them burn oil. Why would you even want to give a country that sponsors terror around the world even the smallest opportunity to develop the most deadly form of weaponry in the world? They are terrorist, what makes you think that they are telling the truth? Look at North Korea, they promised the same exact thing as Iran and of course they lied. Iran has tried to import materials from North Korea to help in the weaponization of nuclear materials. To me, it's a matter of common sense!!

Dr. Tufte said...

-2 on Liz's post for a poorly formatted link, and spelling errors.

I'm not sure what this has to do with ManEc?

Nuclear power does present a management problem for politicians though. The issue is that "peaceful" use of nuclear reactors can be readily shifted into military harvesting of nuclear reactor byproducts. The choices are 1) to let them develop the technology to do the former (and potentially hide development of the latter technology), or 2) to let them have the technology for free so that they don't accumulate the know-how to figure it out themselves.

I don't know the appropriate choice, and I won't bother you with my views on Iran. But, it should be fairly obvious that this is a similar decision to the one that (say) Microsoft has to make when a competitor is trying to develop software that might hurt them if it turns out to be a substitute or help them if it turns out to be a complement.

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