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I know that a lot of people have done their blogs on gas prices and hurricane Katrina, but I'm just going to do one more. I was reading an article on cnn.com about the gas prices affected by the hurricanes, and the different prices from different places. People here in Utah think that the gas prices are rediculous, but all I can say is that just be greatful that you don't live in Georgia right now. Many of the people there were not personally harmed by the hurricanes, but the gas prices there affected them. At one point after the hurricanes hit, the price of gasoline was up to six dollar a gallon. It all has to do with the whole supply and demand thing. People there thought that the supply of gas was going to decrease, which it did, making the price increase. Basically we are pretty lucky to only be paying three dollars a gallon.


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destiny said...

Does anybody else think the responses posted by "anonymous" mean absolutely nothing? I've yet to see a connection between their response and the post they are responding to.
Emily, your link doesn't exactly take us to a specific article so I don't know how I am supposed to argue this.
You say, "people here in Utah think that the gas prices are *ridiculous*." Well that's because they are ridiculous. I don't necessarily care what the prices are across the nation as long as it's not affecting the prices in Utah. But in actuality the prices are affecting the prices here. The markets have an extremely effective way of balancing out fair prices in the end. The reason for the six dollars a gallon price for gas is so that eventually the price will adjust itself accordingly. Three dollars a gallon is horrible and I don't feel lucky for paying it no matter how you look at it.

Dr. Tufte said...

-2 on Emily's post for spelling errors, and a content-free link.

This was touched on in an earlier post. Arbitrage would take care of price differentials like this (to Utah's disfavor), but it has been made hard to pull off in the gas distribution industry by environmental regulations. So Destiny, don't be so sure that will work quickly in the gas market.

Dr. Tufte said...

Yes Destiny, most of the comments by "anonymous" are just spam or phishing scams.

There isn't much I can do about that since faculty at SUU are not tecch-savvy enough yet to demand that we buy blogging software.

Keep in mind though, that anyone can post as "anonymous", and there have been some good ones here and there.

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