Asteroid insurance

I found this to be pretty interesting. Most people have insurance on their homes and automobiles. What about insurance on if an asteroid hits the earth? Will you be ready for destruction that a 100 meter wide asteroid can create? Well this article is saying that you should really consider purchasing asteroid insurance for the chance that one will hit. What the hell for? If an asteroid hits the earth, we will pretty much all be dead. If not dead, we might not have any legs or arms left over to work with. Don't waste your money on something as ludicrous as this. Instead, go buy a boat or maybe even a gym membership. Speaking of a gym membership, thats the real problem people should be worried about; everyone is getting fatter.


Logan said...

Ya know Destiny, the company who is selling astroid insurance probably hopes that someone will see their add on the internet, read it, and then tell others about it. In doing so, eventually the message will make its way to someone who is actually paranoid enough to purchase such a rediculous service. So good job, your helping them sale!

ethan said...

It may be true that it would take an idiot to but asteroid insurance but at least they are trying. If they make money off of this more power to them. Hey logan looks like you have fallen for something like this.

destiny said...

For your future reference....

"paranoid enough to purchase such a rediculous service. So good job, your helping them sale!"

"rediculous" is actually spelled ridiculous
and it would be proper grammar to say "helping them sell."
Thanks for your feedback though

Ryan said...

If there were people who are willing to pay for Asteroid insurance, probably lightning insurance should be sold better. Alian attack insurace could be important for people like them, right? :)

Morgan said...

When I see an article like this, I start to believe people are purposely trying to create a media blitz, or in the case of this article, an increase in the demand for insurance. I sincerely hope no one is considering the possibility of being hit by an asteroid as a huge threat, and is therefore trying to obtain more insurance as a result. People don't need to be conned out of their money from insurance companies any more than they already are.

Dr. Tufte said...

-1 on Logan's comment for a spelling error.

-1 on Ryan's comment for a spelling error.

Actually ... a meteor hit a car in upstate New York about 15 years ago (so it does happen, and it may not turn out like in "Deep Impact").

I tend to agree with Destiny though - this doesn't seem like a risk worth ensuring for. And ... I definitly agree that something mundane like a gym memberhship is likely to be better investment.

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