Tribe to get contract with the defense department

A tribe in South Dakota is hoping to get a contract with the defense department. The contract is to build an operation plant in the reservation that will make and test circuit boards for a Defense Department contractor. The positions available will be few in the beginning but many tribe members are hoping that it will grow to over 100 in the next year. This South Dakota tribe is known for its high unemployment rate and large rate of poverty. Even a small number of jobs would be beneficial for this town. Building an operation plant in town is also expected to help give kids the desire to go to school and get an education.


Blake said...

I think this contract has the potential to be extremely beneficial. If 100 jobs were indeed created, this could provide great financial benefits to members of the tribe. Also, if the unemployed, and inpoverished tribe members saw the fruits of hard work, and a better life, they most likely would be more motivated to do well, and pursue and continue in their educational pursuits, etc.

Ole said...

I think, indeed it would be beneficial to the tribe to get the contract. However, with the high unemployment rate, the tribe may have a hard time with employee turnover. Why is there such a high unemployment rate anyway? If I were an employer this could be some red flags.

Dr. Tufte said...

-1 on Will's post for inconsistent capitalization.

I don't think this is a bad thing, but it isn't a good sign. Why are they getting jobs from the government instead of competing in the private sector?