Schools Cut Back Subjects to Push Reading and Math

I read an interesting article today in the New York Times regarding the impacts on school children due to Bush's signature new law, No Child Left Behind. Federal law requires annual testing on only two subjects, reading and math. It's no surprise then that teachers are only pushing these two subjects. It is sad to think that when my children are school-age, the well-rounded curriculum that they will have the opportunity to choose from will be whatever they would like, as long as it eats, sleeps, and breathes reading and math.


Hannah said...

I also disagree with the No Child Left Behind Act. I believe that is more government overreach and is nothing but a Bandaid for a more serious problem. There are better ways to educate children, such as, letting capitalism do its work with competition in private and public schools.

The government did not simply pick math and reading because they were its favorite. They chose them because math and reading are an objective way to test. Math is easy to grade because there is only one answer, with reading the same. Think of how stupid a government test would be if they had a page that said, “Please draw a pony with number two pencil”, “compose a tango”, or “True, False, or It Depends?” (ha! Just kidding Dr. Tufte)

I agree students do need a well-rounded curriculum. But, with math and reading you can cover pretty much everything and test easily.

rico said...

I agree with hannah, "it depends" can be a correct answer for everything. Along the lines of reading and math, I don't think that they are overdoing it. Yes reading and math are important, but in high school cheer leading and sports are still the most important. I think that if they really want to do something productive they should regulate high school sports a little more. It gets even worse in college when a kid can get a full ride because of sports and then flunk out, while we pay for everything that we work for.

Dr. Tufte said...

I'm going to recuse myself on this topic since I've done funded research in this area.