Disturbing image/philosphy!

As I was reading a post from the capital freedom blog, I saw an image that was particularly troubling to me. Although the post's message was short and sweet, it summed things up well: "If that's the case, why is she holding a sign to protest?" -Capital Freedom Blog. While I understand that the woman in that picture has virtually zero rights, and is most likely demonstrating her genuine belief, I can't help but feel sad that so many women are being subjected to such imprisoning ways of life. The woman in that photo claimed that freedom of expression was a form of western terrorism, but I wonder, how does a society's perception become so warped that they fail to recognize suicide bombs, and planes crashing into buildings, etc as something other than terroristic acts? I am extremely thankful to be a female in the United States. Not only can I express myself as I choose, but I can be educated, and can work in any field I choose. I can wear a tshirt and jeans, listen to my favorite music, all while driving to my university, where I will be sitting with many of my fellow male co-eds, something that woman will likely never experience. God bless America!

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Dr. Tufte said...

I saw this one too - twisted, isn't it?

I think this points out that we need to be aware of cognitive dissonance: doing things that are contradictory (like, say, using freedom of expression to protest freedom of expression).