Slowing Down Time

I read a very interesting article on Economist's View about true time management. It talked about how, for years now, we have been figuring out how to do more work in the same amount of time instead of actually altering how we perceive time. The author asserts that it may actually be possible to slow down time. Neurobiologist David Eagleman says, under extreme duress, our minds have the ability to slow down time. He uses the example of a fall or a car crash. He is currently testing this hypothesis by showing people numbers in a rapid sequence, too quickly to comprehend, as they bungee jump off a tower. So far, these people have been able to read the numbers. I'm not sure if I believe what Eagleman states, but it is definitely a new way of looking at time management. Perhaps it will be possible in the future to train your mind to slow down time!

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Dr. Tufte said...

This is interesting stuff, isn't it?

Psychologists are already aware of how the perception of time is dilated internally. This is why everything seemed to take longer when you are younger.

The problem is that it suggests that perceptually, your life is half over by the time you are 17.