Six Year Old Hero

I found an article on msnbc.com that I know doesn't really have to do with economics, but I thought was so touching I had to write about it. A six year old boy was found wondering the streets of New Orleans with a baby in his arms, and five toddlers, holding hands, trailing behind him. The little boy, Deamonte Love, said that the baby was his little brother, two more were his cousins, and the other three were kids from his apartment builiding. This little boy is so brave, that he took matters into his own hands, and became a leader so he could help find all of these children safety. It is so amazing to me that parents are teaching their kids at such a young age to be so responsible. Anyway, I thought everyone should here about this story.


Trish Wimmer said...

Thank you for sharing this emotionally touching story. I began to read the article because I am a mother of a six year old boy. What a tremendous burden for such a sweet young child to bear. He must be very tenderhearted. Hopefully, he will forget the entire event!

I cannot begin to imagine or feel their pain, but my thoughts and prayers certainly go out to each of them. Perhaps because of the enormous amount of loss, it is difficult to think of each individual's pain, and continued suffering.

This story is certainly the story of a true miracle!

Logan said...

How do you know his parents taught him to be responsible? Maybe they did teach him, or maybe he witnessed irresponsibility his entire life and decided to be different. Or maybe he just had an overwhelming desire to serve and give back. You say that this blog doesn't have much to do with economics but I think that it dose. The little boy made an amazing trade-off between safety and service. Not knowing before hand what the consequences of this trade-off would be made the decision even more difficult. But according to his cost/benefit analysis the risk was worth the try. Now seeing his name in the headlines and feeling like a hero, who he undoubtedly is, the benefits were worth the costs!

Dr. Tufte said...

This post is precisely what this blog is supposed to do for students!

Alex posted something interesting, and Logan filled in some economics.