Just Wanted to Say "Thanks!"

I don't know how many of you know anyone that is in the 222nd, but I know quite a few of them. People from my home town that I went to high school with and others that I have just met along the way. I know that some of you might not know that our National Gaurd unit was activated in January of this year and that they have been in Iraq since June. I sometimes get a chance to talk to some of them, or recieve a letter and they won't tell me what they do. All they say is that it is the worst of the worst. These individuals probably didn't realize when they were enlisting that they would be called to war, but when they were they dropped everything and went. They left families, friends, school, and work to go over there and keep us safe. I still don't know everything behind this war, or if I even agree with them being over there, but I do know that they are doing a great job while they have to be there. I have so much respect for them, and I hope everyone else does too because they are there for you as well.


Anonymous said...

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Dan said...

It is definiatly couragous for the 222 to be over in Iraq defending our freedom. Though the National Guard rarely sees this type of action during wartime, those who went are true heros for serving and everyone should support them even if you do not agree with the war. Now to an area that kind of bothers me. The 222 also has some that stayed home for various reasons. One former member works with me and when it became obvious that the 222 was going to go he went and got Lasik for his eyes so that he could stay home. Not a day went by that he would not complain about possibly having to go to Iraq. The thing that bothered me is that I never heard him complain about the check every month. Those who took similar actions I think should withdraw from the the Guard because if they are not willing to do what is asked of them they should not receive the benefits that go along with service.

Connor said...

I totally agree. I cannot stand those who protest the war and despise anything that deals with it. This is how we have the freedoms that we all enjoy today. Yet those idiots who do not support our troops seem to have forgotten this simple principle. I do not agree with all that is going on in the Middle East, but I sure as hell support our troops and am extremely proud of the work in which they are doing for each of us. Let us all support and show our appreciation to the men and women sacrificing all for the well being our amazing country!

Dr. Tufte said...

-1 on Dan's comment for a spelling error.

Emily ... it's a nice sentiment ... but let's stay on topic here.