Cell phones in Africa create true business opportunities

In America, cell phones are everywhere. In my family of four, three of us have a cell phone, and here at school, 100% of the roommates in my apartment have their own cell phone. Now, however, this trend toward increased cell phone use, is becoming widespread throughout Africa, and is truly being used as an economic tool in their society. According to an article about cell phones in Africa, merchants throughout Africa use cell phones as a means of determining their prices, and daily business activities. For example, one man mentioned in the article that he uses his cell phone to determine if it is worth his time to ship his fish to Tanzania. Others use their cell phones as a tracking device, and are now able to know where their elephants, etc. are at all times. While many people in the U.S. take their cell phones for granted, people in Africa truly value the opportunities that cell phones provide them. The article mentioned that cell phones not only save merchants time, but also increase competition among sellers of goods, lowering prices for farmers in the process. Although many people in Africa don’t have a cell phone, lower costs, and greater technology are enabling more Africans the chance to have access to a phone, offering them tremendous convenience, and business opportunity. I find it exciting that Africa’s people are gaining greater access to cell phones, and I look forward to seeing what happens to their economy, and quality of life as a result.


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ethan said...

I think that the well-being is higher in a country with cell-phones. That may sound stupid but I am better off because of my cell phone. The time used on a cell-phone can also be used to do something important.

Savannah said...

This article makes it sound like the people in Africa are better off because of the use of cell phones. It makes sense that if business people can save time they can save money.

Dr. Tufte said...

Penetration of cell phones into countries is now one of the pieces of data that economists use to assess development.

Keep in mind that the reason for the popularity of cell phones in developing countries is typically state run (landline) phone companies. These have little incentive to be efficient, so most people don't have regular phones.

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