Advances in India

In the developing nation of India, computer use is not widespread, and according to the IT Innovator, it is particularly difficult because of differences in language. However, new steps are being taken to offer more access to the Indian people. Ironically, the article states that Indians make vast amounts of software, yet can't really access it, or use it for their benefit because of the fact that many programs are not translated into their native language. Shekhar Borgaonkar has developed a "gesture pad" which he believes will enable more Indians the opportunity to use computers, and the internet in their language. The keypad will also help them perform basic tasks on a computer such as entering information for documents, etc. I am excited that things like this are happening in India. In a nation plagued by poverty, such an invention could offer a ray of light into many struggling peoples' dark lives. I think that the more knowledge, and access to technology an individual has, the greater their potential is to thrive in a global technology. Perhaps one day, more Indians will be able to make profits over the internet selling their beautiful, handcrafted goods, or unique services, etc. With access to the web, people living in desolate villages could have a forefrunt for their products and services unlike ever before. The key for India's economic growth is less corruption, and more opportunity. The bright, and gifted people of India will hopefully soon have more access to the world through the use of computer, and internet technology, and with that comes greater possibilities for a better life.


Shekhar Borgaonkar said...

Hi Dr Tufte,
I am Shekhar Borgaonkar one of the inventors of the Gesture Keyboard.
I was surprized to see your blog which mentions the Gesture Keyboard. I felt the power of the internet in a personal way - it is much greater and far reaching than our imagination!

Shekhar Borgaonkar
Bangalore, India

Dr. Tufte said...

-1 on Morgan's comment for spelling errors.

Note that the inventor of the keyboard posted a comment!

Interesting post. Clearly this idea reduces the marginal costs of computing, but there is also a loss of marginal benefits. I'm not sure which one is better.

No criticism of Hindi speakers either, but cultures have historically given up on their broader alphabets in favor of narrower ones. The keyboard is doing that, but I wonder if it would work better if there was some subsidization for people to use it.

Anonymous said...

this is reg Morgan's blog on Borgaonkar's gesture pad. Yes, it is a nice innovation that is going to make computer access easy for Indians who don't know English.But the way it has been put, that it is going to bring a ray of light in the dark lives of millions of Indians, and that India is poverty ridden and corrupt is painting a negative image of the country. we have made great strides on many fronts, Indians including the inventor of the gesture pad, are making their country proud.