Big Willie's New Gig

Country Music singer Willie Nelson has a new gig and its all about selling to the big rigs, and hopefully the rest of the country. Nelson’s new business venture is about biodiesel. His interest in the newly emerging fuel mixture was piqued when his wife bought a vehicle that ran on biodiesel. When Nelson looked into the new fuel he thought this could be the future. He started the whole project by joining forces with three other businessmen. They started marketing this new fuel to truck stops. It is essentially a mixture of soybean oil and normal diesel fuel. The great thing is that it can be burned in any diesel engine with absolutely no modifications. Willie hopes to get the fuel out to the public as a better alternative to regular diesel, since biodiesel burns much cleaner.
The economic benefit that this could have in the future is amazing in my opinion. Biodiesel opens up vast opportunities of new markets for farmers in soybean country. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Future research could even further refine biodiesels’ capabilities, and someday may even prove to be a much preferred alternative to gasoline. The crucial phase of this new fuel is in its infancy, and that is the task of bringing it to the attention of the public. Even better would be to get the support of large oil carries to refine and distribute biodiesel. Anyway you look at it Willie is on the road again, only this time he is burning biodiesel instead of gas.


Tom said...

I'm glad to see Willie is burnig biodiesel instead of the ganja. J/k, if this biodiesel is what you say it is I think that the economic outcomes would be huge if it burns cleaner and is cheaper than gas. Is it cheaper? If something comes around that can replace oil that something could really put a good handle on inflation and spark commerce(or growth for that matter) as a whole.

Emily said...

Willie is a smart man for jump starting this new trend. He will capitalize in the money department if biodiesel does take off and he will be helping the environment also. He will help the economies growth by having more transactions taking place with the growing, selling and buying of the soybean to covert to soybean oil.

Dr. Tufte said...

Sorry, caught you napping folks.

Soybean production is subsidized by the federal government. Biodiesel is just a way to use up the resulting surplus. Get rid of the subsidy, and my guess is that there would be no interest in this.

LOL: Maybe Willie could make biodiesel out of his ganja and solve two problems.