Wal-Mart Again

Is there any time of day is Wal-Mart not been brought up whether in class, media, or just by your roommate? On a previous article about Toys R Us, there has been more companies have now come forward and expressing their problems because of the Wal-Mart giant. Besides Toys- R-Us, Best Buy, Home Depot, and Bed Bath & Beyond are expressing their opinions on how Wal-Mart is effecting their earning.

As Wal-Mart continues to grow, they are predicting by 2010 Wal-Mart company will reach a half a trillion dollars in sales and expand to 3,000 supercenters up from 1,600 this year.

That kind of growth will make Wal-Mart Number one in plenty of other product categories. It will also put an even tighter squeeze on existing companies that Wal-Mart already dominates such as food and apparel. "With a lion like Wal-Mart on the loose, no store is ever safe."


Bryce Larkin said...

Wal-Mart is still just a business and like all businesses there are weaknesses and strengths. The stores like Best Buy and Home Depot did the same thing to other stores as Wal-Mart is doing to them. Did you hear them complaining? Markets need to find something Wal-Mart can't give their customers and run with it.

Maudi said...

Walmart might be the current King of the marketplace;however, business is a viscious cyle and one day some new company is going to figure out how to do it bigger and better. In fact many of the companies that we see starting to struggle such as: K-mart, Sears,etc. were once giants in their own industries. Time has a funny way of changing peoples views and were they "Shop" if you know what I'm saying!! I think Walmart has done a nice job at what they are trying to accomplish but, I don't think it will last.

Dr. Tufte said...

-1 for spelling mistakes on Bruce_Banner's post.

I'll take the comments over the post. Wal-Mart is king of the hill right now, but that never lasts (in retailing).