Small Business and Your Candidates

Both President Bush and John Kerry know first hand about the challenges of owning and operating a small business.

First, Pres. Bush founded Arbusto a small energy company that he started through a trust fund. Soon after President Bush sold his equity in the company and moved to the Texas Rangers. Both ventures were short lived.

John Kerry's experience was much different. After law School John Kerry and a friend started a cookie and muffin shop in Boston's Quincy Market. This venture also was short lived and quickly thereafter John Kerry moved into politics.

The differences of the candidates are quite different when it comes to small business. Bush wants to give tax breaks and less regulation on small business, and at the same time minimizing the Small Buisiness Administration (a low interest loan company that grants small business easy access to loans).

John Kerry wants to increase federal support to the SBA granting more money and lower rates to Small Business ventures.

If rates become lower for small business, then barriers of entery decrease as well as lowering the return on debt. This will only propetuate government assistance and dependance. Masking the actual demand of small business.



Anonymous said...

I agree that government assistance is helpful at times, especially in education. I won't ever complain about receiving a government grant. Yet, the point about dependence and distorting demand seems realistic. That is one of the huge differences between modern republican and democratic views. An interesting book on this subject is "Hard Heart, Hard Heads" or something like that. It talks about differences in public policy among republicans and democrats. A very good book. I'll have to remember the exact name of the book if anyone wants to read it.

John West said...

Well, I guess at this point we only need to be concerned with what President Bush is going to do with small businesses. I think that having a business background he will take care of our countries small businesses.

Biancca said...

Most small businesses fail anyway.

Anonymous said...

I believe that Bush will look out for the small businesses because it is the success of these types of business that help the economy grow. I don't think small businesses need to be given government assistance though. The small business can be helped through Bush's tax cuts and change in tax regulations. If the government will step away from small businesses there will be many that fail, but the ones that survive will be much stronger. Stronger small businesses is what the country needs to boost the economy.

Bryce Larkin said...

I think Kerry had a good idea on lowering barriers to enter a small business. But, he also wanted to tax them more. I think Bush will also help small businesses, especially with the tax burden.

pramahaphil said...

A week has passed since the election, and I must say that it is certainly bvetter that Kerry wasn't elected. But thats just me, I'm a raging capitalist.

John West said...

Certainly, the election is over and sides have been drawn and won. Now we have Bush speaking of his "capital" and how he will use it. Has anyone heard what Kerry of Edwards are doing? Me neither. Isn't it great!

The Dem's will never get elected for Pres. until they pull the plug on such whacked out extremists as Michael Moore and George Soros. They do not have a feel for what matters in this country.

Dr. Tufte said...

-1 for 2 spelling errors in StevePadilla2's post.

I wonder about the whole drift of this post and comments. I'm just being the devil's advocate here, but it seems to me that both candidates are advocating throwing resources at unproven businesses. Perhaps they need to use sticks rather than carrots. I'm not making any grand claims here, I just find it odd that the government doens't practice much tough love with small businesses - only on (large or small) businesses that generate large profits.

Maudi said...

President Bush is a man that understands business. It is only obvious when you look at his cabinet. Each member of his cabinet has been a successful businessman. It is these type of men that can make important decisions in the business world and especially in the political relm.