A Zero-sum Mindset

Zero-sum mindset is bad for the world. Anti-capitalist terrorists have this mindset: We are poor because you are rich. This logic is so irrational. We can all agree that terrorism has a negative outcome in any aspect and is only destroying capital in most situations with has an adverse economical outcome.


Willy said...

This is very true in my opinion as well. Another issue that many struggling countries have in common is a lack of value of human life and the unwillingness to trust others. I know that doing business with someone you cannot trust and do not care for is detrimental to your willingness to create any type of positive agreement.

Dr. Tufte said...

Jack - I don't think it's irrational at all. I do think it is misplaced though. We simply don't have enough people exposed to positive-sum situations.

Religion is the big problem here: essentially all religious texts were written in the period when civilization was zero-sum. On many issues, they can't have much to offer because they aren't detailed on positive-sum situations.